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About Social Security Disability Advocates
We Represent Those Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

North American Disability Advocates, PLLC - Muskegon SSA Disability LawyerRobert (Bob) Shinn is an attorney admitted to the practice of law by the State Bar of California and as such he is fully authorized to practice law before Federal Administrative Agencies such as the Social Security Administration anywhere in the USA.

Mr. Shinn is also admitted to practice before the United States District Courts of the Eastern District of California and the Western District of Michigan.


Doesn't it make sense to hire an attorney that has handled thousands of disability cases for the Social Security Administration as a Senior Attorney?

We will evaluate your case without cost to you. If we take your case, we charge only if we win and payment normally comes from your past-due benefits.

Although employees of the Social Security Administration are directed to tell you that you will receive a fair hearing resulting in a fair decision without the help of an attorney, failure to obtain legal representation simply makes it easier for the agency to deny the benefits that are rightfully yours. Benefits are denied to unrepresented claimants twice as often as those who have an attorney. Do not allow the Social Security Administration to deny your benefits without challenge.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

While Federal Law, Regulations, and the Federal Courts require the Social Security Administrative Law Judge to fully develop the evidence in your case and decide it fairly, this does not always happen. Because of the volume of cases, a lack of staff support and the pressures placed on the Administrative Law Judge to dispose of a high volume of cases, the Judge simply may not have the time or functional ability to fully develop the evidence in your case. Frequently, the Administrative Law judge does not even see the case until after a hearing has been scheduled, which is only a few weeks before the hearing date and too late to perform any meaningful development. Your best chance of being found disabled require the help of an attorney that specializes in Social Security Disability Law. An attorney that can help you to fully develop the evidence and present it to the Administrative Law Judge in the light most favorable to you and your claim.




    Social Security Lawyer, Attorney Robert Shinn

    Attorney Robert G. Shinn

    Social Security Disability Attorney Robert G. Shinn specializes in Social Security disability law. He represents clients in Muskegon, Newaygo, White Cloud, Ludington and surrounding areas.

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